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Mediation is a method of friendly settlement of disputes in which an individual, chosen by the parties or by a specialized organ, the “Mediator”, plays an active role.

Here, mediation concerns conflicts between traders or companies and their customers or suppliers.

It is intended in particular, but not exclusively, for Small and Medium sized Companies which are traders, craftsmen and service providers.

The setting up and pursuit of a mediation procedure pre-supposes the agreement of the parties at all times. It would serve no useful purpose to delay the solution of the problem if it were clear, either from the beginning or in the course of the operations, that it is impossible to come to an agreement.

The parties may themselves select their mediator from a list of people approved by the CAREN.

The operations are, and remain strictly confidential.

This confidentiality is specially ensured should the discussion break down, by means of the following measures :

  •    if legal or arbitration proceedings take place later, none of the statements, opinions, suggestions, declarations or proposals of whatever nature expressed during or on the occasion of the mediation procedure may be taken into account at such proceedings;
  •    the mediator may not be an arbitrator in the same case.

The CAREN does  mediate. To resort to mediation, you can contact the CAREN which will put you in contact with mediators specialised in mediation in the field corresponding to the dispute.