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Colloque Arbitrage et Stratégie d'Entreprise

La CAREN organise un colloque "Arbitrage et Stratégie d'Entreprise" le ...

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Arbitration's benefits

Arbitration has clear advantages over a procedure brought before a State jurisdiction.

Those benefits are mainly the followings:


·        Parties may choose one or more arbitrators specialized in law or in a specific technique, depending on the specificities of the case. For example, an arbitral college can be composed of lawyers and two technicians, or of a lawyer, a businessman and a technician.

·        Business confidentiality is maintained as the hearings take place in private. Parties wishing for their case or some related facts to not be publicly known, have every interest in resorting to arbitration.

·        Arbitration eliminates conflicts of jurisdiction between tribunals, in particular at the international level, as well asgenerally matters of conflicts of laws. Therefore, it offers great security compared to recourses to courts.

·        Arbitration awards, which are real judgments, can easily be enforced abroad thanks to international conventions signed by numerous States in the world.

·        Arbitration is fast.

·        Arbitration follows a strict timetable either set by the parties or under its own rules.