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Choice of an arbitral jurisdiction

The parties are invited to give their submission as to the number of arbitrators : 1 or 3 depending the difficulties of a case, the importance or amount of interests at stake, etc ...

When the arbitration should be by three arbitrators, each party may:

  • either choose a "registered arbitrator" (inscribed on a list established by the Arbitration Committee of the CAREN
  • either present a person for approval by the Arbitration Committee


Registered arbitrators

Figures mentioned in a list established by the CAREN Arbitration Committee bearing their:

  • Professional qualification,
  • Field of competence
  • Spoken or understood languages

The parties may get this list from the secretariat.

Authorized arbitrators

Persons chosen (outside of the above list) by the parties on the occasion of a specific dispute, and whose appointment is subjected to the prior approval of the CAREN Arbitration Committee, which makes a decisions based on three criteria:

  • The legal or technical competence of this person,
  • His independence towards the parties to the dispute,
  • His accord to respect the conditions of the CAREN Arbitration Rules (including the scale).